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Terracotta and stone



Minute Fragmentation




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Intarsio 2B Belvedere Intarsio 2D Belvedere Intarsio 5B tiberio Intarsio 8A  Firenze Intarsio 7A pappagalli
Intarsio 13A portamarina Intarsio 11L Roma Intarsio 14L limoni Intarsio 15L pavimento Jeddah Intarsio 13L Napoli
Intrsio 4A Intarsio 2C  Belvedere Intarsio 27B Intarsio 26B Umbria Intarsio 3B Pavimento Assisi
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This group includes surfaces often made with different techniques assimilable to inlay. The word inlay in fact doesn’t mean a one and only working technique, but several techniques, changing name through different historical periods. Really, Opus Sectile, Opus Tasselatum, Commesso and Inlay are sinonyms. With this technique and by using quite often “ancient marbles” and stones, we made large flooring surfaces, table tops and vertical covering surfaces. For most of these works we used ancient working techniques both to make the pieces and for their fixing to supports.